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Hey Parents,

I wanted to share some great tips on Parent SKILLZ 1: CONNECTION.

As I posted on facebook, the times when children are the most responsive and happy are when they are most connected with their parents…

Everything from getting down on their eye level, physical touch, and committed attention makes a big difference…

When it comes to fostering self-discipline and self-esteem, children need CONNECTION more than anything else!

So, what can you do to build a stronger connection with your child?

I suggest at least 10-minutes of ‘connect’ time each day!

During this time, your child needs to have your FULL attention and FULL engagement…

And the best way to do that is through PLAY!

Here’s the deal: If you really want to connect with your child, then it’s not enough to take him or her to the playground and watch from the sidelines, you need to play too!

Taking the time to play with kids really shows them you love them more than anything else you can do or say!

Now, I know what some of you busy parents are thinking: “I’m just too busy to play each day.”

I understand, but the benefits of carving out just 10-minutes a day far outweigh the negatives!

Remember, the QUALITY of time you spend connecting with your child during play can make a big difference, so be sure the time is in fact 100% of your FULL attention and FULL engagement!

I also recommend you let your child take the lead and join their ‘world’ by letting them decide the activities and pace. (This includes teens too!)

So, give it a try this week, and next week be on the lookout for a Parent SKILLZ worksheet where I include a list of simple, yet playful activities to build an even BIGGER connection with your child!

Thank you for your attention, and have fun building the Parent SKILLZ CONNECTION this week!

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