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Attunement worksheet

This week’s Parent SKILLZ post includes a worksheet to help you build ATTUNEMENT with your child!


On the worksheet, I challenge you to become more ‘ATTUNED’ with your child by assessing three ‘strengths’ and three ‘areas of potential improvement’ for the following categories:

1. Physically

2. Intellectually

3. Emotionally

4. Socially

The goal is to become more ‘ATTUNED’ with your child by understanding him or her more through this worksheet. Once you understand what areas to ‘prompt’ and what areas to ‘nurture’ you will become an even more effective parent!

Have fun while building Parent SKILLZ: ATTUNEMENT!

If you need some help you can google PIES for your age group to see the milestones for your child in each of the areas of Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social.

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